Selasa, 17 Mei 2016

how to join crochet end (invisible join)

since i found this magical way to join crochet end, it became my favorite thing. 
no matter the shape is square, circle, round, it works in every single shape! 
and the join end looks so even, it's invisible. 
 though i'm trying so hard to find where the joining is, i still can't find it! 
this is one of the power of invisible join i guess :D 
 no ! i've made up my mind... this is the one and only power of invisible join :D :D 

 and i'll show you one of my favorite tips & tricks on crochet, 
because next time i'll show you another tips & tricks :D 
 ok, let's start the tutorial..

- - - - - - -
make a crochet circle as you desire. mine is circle.  
i start with magic ring/ magic circle, and make 13 dc (the first dc is ch 3, because it counts as 1dc). 

- - - - - - -
after you finished and reach the end, just cut the yarn and pull the yarn end through the loop.

- - - - - - -
insert the yarn end into tapestry needle.
then insert the needle under top stitch of 2nd dc.

if you ask me why i insert the needle on top stitch of 2nd dc, not into the 1st dc (ch 3)..
the answer is, this joining will become the top stitch of the 1st dc. 
so if you count how many dc on that circle, the amount is the same with you're expected (13 dc). 
but if you insert the needle into top stitch of the 1st dc, 
the amount of dc on the circle will be more than you're expected (14 dc).

- - - - - - -
pull it gently, and insert needle backward between top stitch on the last dc.
pull the yarn and make sure the tension is the same as other stitches.

- - - - - - -
to secure, insert the year end to backside of circle and cut the leftover yarn.

- - - - - - -
can you spot the invisible join?
the one that i point with needle, that's the invisible join.

- - - - - - -
and this is the look. 
the edges look so even and tidy, i love it :D

- - - - - - -

hope this tutorial useful for you ..

martika :)

Senin, 14 Maret 2016

Crochet Puff Stitch Flower

One of my friend was asked me to teach crochet puff stitch flower.
To be honest, i never made it before though sometimes i've seen it.
After that, i searched from my pinterest about the tutorial and it's linked to this youtube.
I put aside my plan and drowning in to this puff stitch thing :p
Really hard to fixed my mood and followed it nicely, because the video tutorial wasn't in english.
After trial and error in many times, finally i did it! :D

All i know, to make this crochet puff stitch flower looks puffy, use acrylic yarn/ wool yarn/ bulky yarn. So the texture will come out and it'll look pretty :)
Once i tried using cotton yarn, and it's not really worked. It looked flat!

At the end, i decided to made 7 crochet puffs flower and gather them all became this one...
I did a "as you go" way to combine all the parts as one. Means, after you finished 1 part, make the 2nd one.  before you finished the 2nd one, join 2 of petals into the 2 petals of 1st flower. And do it until you finish.
The good point about this way, you can save your time so you don't have to prepare a special time to join them one by one. But i think as long as you know the pattern of your project, this way will easier. But if you don't know yet about the pattern, what will it become, please don't use this "as you go" way! It's tricky >.< Better you join each part manually using blunt tip needle (tapestry yarn).

And this morning i taught my friend about this stitch. And she had difficulty to create the puffy look on the petals >.< 
She's craving for a crochet puff stitch flower bag, and i said "gambatene" to her (means : good luck) :p

The end of the story.. hope you like my creation :D
This project will be a special gift for my daughter's best friend who's gonna be back for good to Indonesia after 1 year stay in Tokyo.
Hope she will love it :) 

martika :)

Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

Tea Cup Crochet Patchwork

Helloooooooowwww... long time haven't post anything...
I just listed a new pattern on my Etsy shop, with a new style :D

Inspired by my morning routine, always drinking a cup of tea.
No no no.. not only a cup, but a mug or a glass of tea >.<
See?? How i addicted to tea...
That's why i doodled and created this pattern.
Actually i made this pattern last year, and i uploaded it on my instagram herehere, and here...

A couple of months ago, i really wanted to write this tutorial.. 
But it seemed i always lazy or busy :p
And last week i had a will that i have to write it soon.
While i was thinking about that, someone asked me about that pattern !
What a coincidence :D 
Than i wrote the pattern right away !!
And here it is.. The 2nd tea cup crochet patchwork came along with ready to download file :)
Love it love it love it!!

When first time i made a sample, i wondered if it possible for me to write down the pattern?
It seemed so hard to explained in a words, because i use a tapestry crochet technique.
And the answer was.. Yes, indeed... it's hard to explain in a words, but worthy to tried :D

And now it's your turn to make it :)

martika :)

Minggu, 03 Januari 2016

Start the earliest day of 2016 in Nagano

what a good experience i had..
me and family went to one of the nice prefecture in japan, nagano.
it took 3 1/2 hrs from tokyo by bus, or 1 1/2 by shinkansen (bullet train).
here's i share a little bit of our fun moments...

* * *

day 1 at zenkoji temple, the most popular temple in nagano


we ate sweet potato ..


every time i visit a new place in japan, i always enter an omiyage (souvenir) shop and buy one or two .
i love the handcrafted goods in here, the craftsmen did a good job. 
it's tidy, attracted, simple but the detail speaks so many things. 

... and we went to some place, just like in the middle of no where..
love to spent our time in here. the view was so perfect, surrounded by mountains...

day 2. trip to jigokudani. 
took a picture in front of express train, the train that brought us from nagano station to jigokudani..
 a place where we can saw a lot of japanese monkeys bathed in the onsen :D

after walked for 1.6 km from the gate, finally we arrived at the point.
there's 2 attractive place to enter, onsen and snow monkey. which one i chose? 
of course snow monkey.. no way i bathed in a public onsen :p 
fyi, the onsen available for human and monkeys too.. lol !! 
it's true :D of course it's available in separate place :D 

it's -1 degree celcius..
i love these pictures below. remind me of postcard when i was kid :)

finally we can saw monkeys bathed in the onsen. they're so noisy and smell bad! hehe..

my little daughter forced me to order an orange juice and at the end she didn't drink it !
oh well... at least i can put the orange juice in snow, so it will stay cool.. haha!

my son and his snow man

my little girl felt so cold, she always complained all the way to the monkeys place :(

 back to tokyo, we took shinkansen for 1 1/2 hrs.
it was 9.46 pm... so tired and cold..

and the story end :)

hope you had a wonderful new year's eve memory, 
and hope the journey of the new beginning start brightly and shiny :) :)

martika :)

Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

6 petals flowers {and happy new year 2016}

Hi guys...
Today is the last day of 2015. Time flies so quickly, isn't it? 
So many things happened in 2015, happiness and sadness.
Hope the year ahead may bring us joy and happiness ! 

By the way... my new pattern is already completed and ready to down load on my shop.
This is my fav one. As i recall, i made it about 8 years ago.
 I revised a view months ago, now I'm  hoping the pattern will easier to follow :)
If you're interested with this versatile flower pattern, it's ready now

For more images, you can visit my instagram.

At least, i'd say..
Happy new year 2016, dear fellas...
Let's make the world happier, full of love, and peace.

martika :)

Sabtu, 05 Desember 2015

bring back my mood !

i don't know why i feel so lazy recently, don't wanna do almost everything !
if it's done, it's because i have to finished it...
i hate to cook but i have to
i hate to take a shower on this freezy and windy day but i have to
i hate to do my laundry but i have to
i hate to fold all the laundry up but i have to
i hate to lost my my mood of crochet.. but.. please bring back that mood :(
feel so empty lately, maybe too much problems in my mind
and i feel not really well... i'm cough since a moth ago :(
the weather getting colder every day...
trying not to consume any medicine to cure my cough, only made a herbal drink to made my throat better..
herbal tea, ginger drink..

oh well... 
at least i tried a little thing to cheer me up my self.. 
i made this yubiami scarf to my little girl. its not finish yet, need 2 or 3 more rows.
 but once again as i said, i'm too lazy to continue it :p

 in the middle of my moodswing, i found a good things :)
please take a look at this.. that link cheer up my day :D 
and also this link !

hope after i'm drawning in that instagram accounts i'll start crocheting soon..
happy weekend everyone.. 
happy doing something good :)

ps : oooh, i'm glad that my amigurumis had already arrived safely at resobox gallery - NY.
hope the exhibition will going well start this december 11 2015 - february 28 2016.
if you're around that place, please be there :) :)



Rabu, 11 November 2015

part 4 : they are pedro and luna the owl {for 2nd world amigurumi exhibition}

they are pedro and luna the owl..

i inspired by aterg crochet "cat pattern" that i bought view months ago through her etsy shop.

when i thought that i had to made an owl, i had no idea at all.
and i remembered that i got that "cat pattern" by aterg crochet.. suddenly my problem was solved :)
that pattern really helped me. 
i used a little part of the body pattern, i skipped the head and tail pattern.
i made the head part by my own, and also the eyes and the beak.

luna the owl has finished, and then i decided to made 1 more owl.
and then pedro has finished too :) :)

martika :)

Part 3 : Big Nose Puppy {for 2nd world amigurumi exhibition}

oooh.. i really hope these 2 puppies already got there in new york.

these puppies, i named them berta and betty, were inspired by my big nose puppy crochet pattern.

.. when little hand tried to tickle on her cheek ..

"hey betty, did you say something?" asked berta.
"i said nothing.. "

martika :)